The DNA of Kites And Komets:
The main DNA in Kites And Komets is the soul of the good pop song – the melody. The melody combined with lyrics often orbiting on topics such as daring to believe in true love, friendship and yourself –  you have the core of Kites And Komets.

The ongoing focus in Kites And Komets’ universe is contrasts. Contrasts between light and darkness, between faith and doubt, and in the midst of it all lies a quest for true love, relations and the meaning in life.
Behind Kites and Komet is the 28 -year-old songwriter and musician Mikael Kærsgaard whose band history includes Munich and Hymns From Nineveh. The expression in the music moves in the intersection between the catchy danceable pop univers and a pensive and wistful sound. Duality and contrasts are consistent in Kites and Komets universe both lyrically and in the name of the project;

The Name:
The “Kite” is as a symbol of something peaceful and controlled and the comet is the opposite uncontrollable and chaotic force. Also the sound is characterized by contradictions, where K & K combines the tight sharp cut electropop with organic hand played beats, folkish elements and soulful vocal harmonies .

Earlier Releases:
In 2013 Kites And Komets released a single on Parlophone / Warner, and as well as several singles from the 2012 EP release, it has been in solid rotation of P3 , P6 Beat and P4. This led to the appearance in “GO’ Morgen Danmark” (Danish Morning Programme) , Spot Festival , Skanderborg Festival, Supporting gigs with Ramus Walter at a sold-out spring tour, and most recently as supporting act for Thomas Dybdahl in a sold-out Concert Hall of DR (Danish National Radio). The German venues have also become a familiar part of Kites And comet activities.

• Kites and Komets is an electro project by 32-year-old Mikael Kærgaard (Munich and Hymns From Nineveh )
• In 2013 Kites and Komets released the single ” She Lives In Neon Lights” , and its’ music video, which was played at National danish radio (P3), and led to performances in the morning tv show “Go’ Morgen DK”, DR’s concert hall etc .
• Kites and Komets won the P3 ‘s “Karrierekanonen” in 2011
• In the summer of 2012 Kites and Komets relased the self-titled debut EP ” Kites and Komets ”
• The debut EP was several weeks after release at the top of the iTunes album chart .
• The singles ” When Love Turns To Me ” and “It’s In Your Soul ” has had success on the radios P3 , P4 and P6 Beat.
• Kites and Komets has played major festivals such as SPOT, Skanderborg, Culture Clash ( Hamburg ) , Reeperbahn Festival ( Hamburg ) .