Music video out today!

Hello Hello.

So, the last months has been spend on writing A LOT of new stuff, making pre-recordings, talking to producers, playing gigs in Denmark and Germany etc. In between we have made a brand new music video for the 2.single, “It’s In Your Soul”, from the EP we released this summer.
(Buy the EP here:

The very talented guys behind the video is photographer, Carsten Villadsen and Flemming Bo from the bureau, (and  me, Mikael Kærsgaard)

We shot the video in two days at the very beatiful Hotel Phoenix in the center of Copenhagen.

Hope you will enjoy it – SHARE it on facebook!

A big ‘Thanks!’ to everyone who helped creating it:
Carsten Villadsen
Flemming Bo
Actors: Sofie Gelvan, Morten Winther and Louise Moe
Julie and the personal at Hotel Phoenix

Take Care, and we’ll soon keep you postet on the new things happening!

<3 K&K